Bulletin About Editorial Board Members

Prof. Indrajit Lahiri (India) (Editorial Secretary)
S.D. Adhikari (India)
V. Balan (Romania)
R. Balasubramanian (India)
A. Chakraborty (France)
D.K. Ganguly (India)
M.S. Janaki (India)
Karmeshu (India)
A.K. Kembhavi (India)
B.N. Mandal (India)
P. Muldowney (N. Ireland)
R. Roychoudhury (India)
K.B. Sinha (India)
H.M. Srivastava (Canada)
L.F. Mao (China)
A.K. Srivastava (India)
R. Kulkarni (India)
Zafar Ahsan (India)
I.Laine (Finland)
H.X. Yi (P. R.China)
I.Lahiri (India)
Daniel Breaz (Romania)
Peter Haissinsky (France)
Satya Deo (India)
Ravi. P. Agarwal (Texas,U.S.A)
Rasajit Kumar Bera (India)
Arindam Bhattacharyya (India) (Secretary)


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